Filtering annotations (mysql) per panel (repeated panel multi-value variable)

Hello, It would be possible to filter annotations by panel?

For example, I have a “maquina” variable multi-value:

With repeated panel I could do:

But It shows the same annotations for all panels.

I tried to change the annotations query, it works but It does not take into account the value of repeated panel:
SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(t.fecha_creacion) as time_sec, t.descripcion as text, $maquina as tags FROM trabajo t JOIN trabajotipo tp ON AND tp.nombre='Averia' join proyectomaquina pm ON join maquina m ON AND IN ($maquina) WHERE $__timeFilter(fecha_creacion) ORDER BY fecha_creacion ASC

Now, it uses this value instead on use a single value when pannel has a repeated configuration:
$machine =‘43’,‘23’,‘25’

Thank you

OK, I found a feature request