Annotations per panel or row

We have a use case where we have a dashboard showing stats for several services. In this dashboard we show annotations from Prometheus and Loki queries. They show things that are service specific, e.g from the ALERT-metric, and release annotations.

It would be great if it was possible to scope where these annotations are show, either having panel specific annotations, or row specific annotations instead of having global annotations for the dashboard, that is shown in every panel.

I know this questions pops up every now and then, especially in this old issue, but also in this community, and there have been some PR:s that where closed because of different reason.

I am interested in knowing if there are any plans already to implement this, or if Grafana is open for the feature, and if so, is there any thought on how it should work?

This feature is needed asap for so many cases.
Another example from our business in maritime is:
We have a dashboard that shows different panels for a group of Vessels.
We also have a backend system that generates events per vessel and an api that exposes these events.
The main parameters to query the api are vesselId, time.
In Grafana we only have dashboard scope annotation queries.
The problem we have is obvious.
It is irrelevant to show events for a vessel-panel for all vessels (remember the query is global)!
Practically the annotations feature in Grafana is so limited and practically usable only if all events apply to all panels

I would like to ask:

  • will Grafana team has plans for panel scope annotations?
  • Is there an alternative to make this scenario happen?