Annotation list filtering using Dashboard variables


I was testing out Grafanas most recent version with Annotations capabilities and was wondering is it possible to filter Annotation List-plugin using Grafana variables?

Main idea is that I would like to have a list of all annotations defined in all dashboards and have an end-user friendly way of filtering out only specific annotations. This could be done by using Grafana variables connected to annotation tags.

I noticed that you can manually click on an annotation tag on the list and it filters it, which is great, but if the list of annotations would be 100-1000, and if there are multiple different tags, finding the right tag to filter is a pain and more preferable would be to have additionally either free-text filter type or connect filter to Grafana variables.

Very simplified example:

List is not working… :

But using only text it works fine + option 2 which would be free text filter to write down tags:

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