Fill gaps in state timeline

Hi! I’m using grafana with prometheus+cAdvisor and want to create a panel with information about containers state.

My query: time() - container_start_time_seconds{image="my_image"}
and legend : {{instance}} because i will have multiple targets in prometheus.

The problem is that if cAdvisor hasn’t information about my_image container - it returns nulls:

Left side is time, right - value.

I want to fill these nulls with zeroes.

I changed units to duration (d hh:mm:ss) and made a value mapping:
Special → Null → 123 → orange (123 for test).

This is how query response looks like now when formatted. And how graph looks:

This gap has no values still. How can I fill it?
The No Value: What to show when there is no value option doesn’t do anything too.

Hi @yrtimd,

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Which panel visualisation you are using to view it?