Fill beginning from Disctrete Panel / Extend the beginning of $timeFilter into the past

I’m using Grafana 7.5 and InfluxDB2.0.
I have a machine status that i want to visualize with the Discrete Panel.
The problem is that i always get a part at the beginning of my panel, where there is no data (Black blocks in the picture)
I tried to extend the period from when the data is called by adding a -1d after the $timeFilter like this:
SELECT (“value_int”) FROM “MyMeasurement” WHERE (“short” = ‘Machine_Status’) AND $timeFilter-1d fill(previous)

It works fine with periods which go from now into the past. But as soon as i want to show yesterday or any other period which isn’t ending now all my data show the wrong value.

Is there a way to fill the beginning of the panel or to extend the period called by the $timeFilter?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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