False-positive alerts with [no value]

We receive a false-positive alert around once per day
Moreover, value=[no value] in those alerts and it’s easy to distinguish them from the real ones


Value: [no value]
 - alertname = ...

We are using InfluxDB as a data source

Has anyone faced the same issue?

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What does your alert configuration look like? If it’s a grafana managed alert, there is a configuration option in the alert that should specify what you want to do when there is no data (alert, no alert).

grafana managed alerts - no data handling

I’m facing this issue even when there is data :smile:

@imranismail in that case, it would be helpful if you can share a screenshot of the raw data at the time of the false alert and the alert definition so we can see why it might be firing

can you please follow these steps to share your raw unformatted data? That way, the community can try and mock up your problem :+1:

I even have this option set:

And yet, I still get this alert

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We have the same issue with an Azure Application Insight query.
The query returns no data and the alerts has labels configured and yet we get a daily false positive with Value: [no value].
Did you find how to solve this ?

We are facing the same issue. We have 2 data sources, prometheus and google cloud monitoring. It looks like this only happens to google cloud monitoring

Hi, I have the same situation as you. Every morning at the same time 5:10 am that kind of alert occurs and I do not know what the reason is :frowning:
To be precise, I use InfluxDB too.
Does someone have an idea what it is the root cause of this situation?