Create an alert from a bool value

i’m using Grafana 7.5 and InfluxDB 2.0
I’m trying to make an alert that fires if a bool value returns true.
Is there a way to achive this?

I tried it by changing the data type but the query only returns “no data”. My query looked like this: SELECT (“value_bool”::float) FROM “Measurement” WHERE (“Generic_Name” = ‘alerttruefalse’) AND time>=now()-14d

Hi @patse

There might be an easier way to do this. What are you trying to alert on exactly?

Hey @mattabrams,
i have a time series which only returns “true” or “false”.
As long as the returned value is “false” everything is fine.
As soon as i get a “true” i want to get an alert.

@mattabrams, @patse: I am also trying to do an alert in Grafana whereby my InfluxDB query (written in Flux) returns true or false. But all the alert panels in Grafana, even the new unified alerting, do not have options for true or false. Is there a workaround?

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