Failed to send an alert to distribution list but works with personal email

In my company, I am setting up the Grafana/Prometheus setup for monitoring host and Jenkins configuration. After setting up alerts, I could send an email alert to my personal email ID but not to the distribution list (DL) when there was an alert was triggered.

To check, if the DL has an issue, I sent an email from my personal ID to this DL and I can see it as I am part of this DL.

What Grafana version and what operating system am I using?
Grafana and Prometheus in docker containers on an Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS VM

grafana --version

grafana version 10.0.3

$ prometheus --version
prometheus, version 2.46.0

What am I looking for?
Successfully to be able to send an email alert to my DL (which I am part of) from Grafana.

How am I trying to achieve it?
Configured the SMTP in grafana.ini and added the DL in the grafana dashboard as a contact point. I checked for typos and there are none.

  • What happened?
    I could send an email to me when I added my personal email in the grafana web as a contact point. But not receiving any when I only added a DL.

What am I expecting to happen?
I am expecting my current configuration to send an email to a DL (which I am part of).

Are there any errors in the Grafana UI or in related logs?
None I can see.

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I guess you need to contact your DL admin and ask to authorize used grafana sender email address to be sender for used DL.

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I believe the from_name I used “Grafana Monitor” is somehow blocking me as a sender even though I am part of the DL. IT has allowed to accept external users to the DL and it works.
Thank you @jangaraj