extraConfigmapMounts in the Helm Chart and mounting ldap

I really like the Helm Chart for Grafana – https://github.com/helm/charts/tree/master/stable/grafana – but I was wondering

(a) does anyone have an example of using the extraConfigmapMounts value field (for mounting extra configmaps)?

and specifically

(b) has anyone used a configmap to mount the ldap.toml, instead of using a secret (which is what the helm chart expects it to be)?

Ignore part (a), I have just found an example in (of course) the helm chart values.yaml file:

extraConfigmapMounts: []
  # - name: certs-configmap
  #   mountPath: /etc/grafana/ssl/
  #   configMap: certs-configmap
  #   readOnly: true

And ignore (b) as well!

The chart lets you set a filepath for the ldap.toml, so if I assume you could make that filepath match the mountPath in the extraConfigmapMounts setup. Will test that theory and get back to you.