Expressions & Multi-value Query Variable

I’m using the Opennms-Helm datasource.
I can create a single graph panel with 2 metrics used as input for a calculation:

Node: Server:1
Resource: hrStorage
Attribute: hrStorageAllocUnits

Node: Server:1
Resource: hrStorage
Attribute: hrStorageSize

Expression: hrStorage * hrStorageAllocUnits

C is the only metric visible and I get to see my disk size.

Now I introduce a query that returns 5 server IDs, so metric A and B become Node: Server$id

What calculation do I put into the expression in C to perform the calculation based on the various servers selected as part of the multi-value?


Have never used this plugin. I would suggest to reach out to the authors of this plugin for help if you don’t get any answer here.

In the datasource plugin github repo it says:

We use the Helm project in our JIRA instance to track bugs and enhancements related this to project.