Expressions in Panel

In my grafana panels, new or existing, the expression feature seems to be broken.

If I click the +expression button it adds it but there is no space to type in the expression? No GUI to configure, no space to type in the expression.

Is it a bug? Or has the way you do expressions changed?

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I suggest you give some more useful information such as your platform, your Grafana version, your browser & version (have you tried another browser?).

Have you tried disabling any browser ad-blocker or add-ons?

Have you opened your browser console/debug and checked for any JavaScript errors on the log?

expressions are broken in version 9.3.6, scheduled to be fixed in 9.3.7 release, Beta is available now, not sure when alpha release.

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Expressions are fixed with PR Expressions: Fixes the issue showing expressions editor by itsmylife · Pull Request #62510 · grafana/grafana · GitHub