Export all the dashboards from one orgnization/user at one time

Hey there!

Well, there are more than 150 dashboards in one orgnization, is this possible to export all of them at one time? Any ideas? Thank you.

Use search/dashboard HTTP API and filter dashboards by organization/user in your code. Example implementation in JS Grafana dashboard: https://grafana.com/dashboards/5837 - you have to use HTTP API also for import.

@jangaraj Well noted. Appreciated for your help.

Hi @jangaraj
The above mentioned url (https://grafana.com/dashboards/5837)is not working.

I’m looking for the script/plugin that to export all dashboard config files at once . As there is no response from your team .

Let me know how to download all Grafana dashboard config files at once through API . As i’m using the below command to download. but for me its downloading same data for all the sub-urls .

url : curl -s https://grafana.myname.com/api/search?query=&type=dash-db/db/dev-info | jq -r ‘.’

please look in to this ASAP .

Sorry, there is no “my team”. This is a community forum = someone can help you (not someone must help you).

If you have a need of “must help”, then I would recommend to buy a Grafana Cloud plan with included support. Then you can contact your Grafana support team.


Here is the correct link: