Explore logs - Highlight and/or adhoc timefilter

Dear all,

I really love to new possibilities and enhancements that are included with every release for the explore feature in combination with the Loki datasource.

But I find one thing missing during my workflow (maybe this is already possible and I’m just not aware):

  • I use the explore view of my logs during the development of my smarthome system and this works really well to keep track with what happens after I changed something
  • What I’m missing to reach the “100% all dreams came true” situation is the possibility to highlight one or more loglines in Grafana (by just clicking it e.g.)
  • So I could mark a line, do the change and can see exactly what happened since that change
  • Alternative or additional possibility could be to click a line and use to timestamp of that line as timefilter, similar to the existing label adhoc filters
  • So you could say “show all logs starting from here” or “hide all logs older than this”

What do you think? Is this already possible? Does this sound like a reasonable feature request for you?