Exclude unwanted data from time periods in graphs


Currently I’m trying to create graphs using Zabbix plugin as data source which show some metrics with avg, max and min values in legend. I want to exclude data from a periods outside of business hours (include only data from 09:00-18:00, Mon-Fri).

I know that I can use custom intervals or maintenance periods in Zabbix to turn data collection off, but I need that data: I just want the data from non-business hours to not be processed when using aggregation functions. Example: get average ISP’s bandwidth utilization during business hours for 6 months (daily usage). I still need non-business period’s data (maybe I’ll use it in other graph to see if there was some load at the night for example), but I don’t need it to be calculated in aggregation functions.

Grafana was a hope, as it gives you much more flexibility in data processing, but I didn’t find anything that could help. I thought that maybe I could use some data filtering by time field in transformation, but there was no luck as well.

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You can use excel to hide columns and then import the excel file (in csv format) and it should do the trick. Alternatively, set any data in these periods to zero and use the step graph line.

same issue, did you find any solution?

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