Gaps in the display of data


After upgrading both Grafana (v.4.6.3) and Zabbix Plugin (v.3.8.1) I’ve get gaps on some graphs in one dashboard:

The same metric displays in another dashboards without any problem. I cannot figure out why It’s happen and before recreating dashboard with problems I want to know how can I fix dashboard without it.

During further problem investigation I found than gaps depend on time range selected - when I select “last 1 hour” or “last 6 hours” I see normal graph, when “last 3 hours” - graph with gaps.

Could you share your panel’s query?

rowCount 650

sql SELECT itemid AS metric, clock DIV 15 * 15 AS time_sec, AVG(value) AS value FROM history WHERE itemid IN (96539) AND clock > 1519016970 AND clock < 1519027770 GROUP BY clock DIV 15 * 15, metric ORDER BY time_sec ASC

Grafana v.5.0.0 - problem still the same

Grafana v5.1.0 - problem still the same

Have you tried this setting?

Excellent! This setting resolve my issue. Thank you!

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