Exclude specific requests from metric collection

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I’m doing some health check requests in the setup stage since the api might not have been started entirely when the test starts running. Can I exclude those requests somehow from metric collection? I use http.get to make the requests.

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unfortunately there’s no way of excluding metrics per request, but if you tag them then you could exclude metrics with those tags when processing the results in whatever backend or output you used, e.g. by using an InfluxQL or jq filter.

Though in fairness, this might be a good feature to support: pass an exclude flag to the request params or similar.

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I figured as much. It would indeed be a great feature to support :slight_smile:

I’ll try tagging.


Follow Add explicit tracking and ignoring of metrics and sub-metrics · Issue #1321 · grafana/k6 · GitHub for updates on when something like this would be done

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