Exactly 1 year later... Lost everything?

Hello World,

I have been using Grafana mainly on Linux, but for testing (and faster responses?) I also have Grafana installed on my Windows 10 desktop.

For some odd reasons, this morning when I fire up chrome as usual and log on to Grafana on localhost, it doesn’t let me in. So, I thought that was odd, but rather easy to fix by reset the admin password via cli…

Once I logged in, everything is GONE. All the data sources and dashboards! As if this is a fresh installation. Checking the grafana.db still at ~483kb, not sure if it is a good sign or not.

But on the side note, I did notice all the original files/folders were created exactly 1 year ago. Perhaps this is just a coincidence?

Tried to Google for solution, and I haven’t found any yet… Any suggestions?

Hi @derekk,

Did you ever back up your Grafana database?