Error with Grafana Alerting and Slack Webhook. (3 notifications)

I created an alert rule, a notification policy linked to a contact point.
In this contact point, I only set the following:

  • name
  • Integration → Slack
  • Webhook URL → pasted the URL obtained from Slack Webhook → Web request URL.

When I test the contact point, I get the following error:
Failed to send test alert.: failed to send Slack message: unexpected empty response
And this error keeps appearing on the contact point and in some other places.
But on Slack, I’m receiving the notification correctly.

When using this contact point with the notification policy and the alert rule, I receive three notifications.

  1. How can I avoid getting this error message?
  2. Is the fact of receiving three notifications related to that error?
  3. If not, how can I fix it to receive only one?

Welcome @lucaslabari

What version of Grafana are you running and on which platform (docker, binary file cloud, etc)?

Could you increase the verbosity of the Grafana server logs to debug and note any errors? . More info on troubleshooting Grafana issues here Troubleshooting | Grafana documentation