Error with docker build: unrecognized import path ""

I am trying to build a docker image but it failed with the following error:
k6 imports imports imports unrecognized import path “”: https fetch: Get “”: dial tcp: lookup on XXX.XXX.XX.X:XX: read udp XXX.XX.X.X:XXXXX->XXX.XXX.XX.X:XX: i/o timeout
[INFO] Cleaning up temporary folder: /tmp/buildenv_2023-08-04-XXXXXXXX
[FATAL] exit status 1

executor failed running [/bin/sh -c apk --no-cache add build-base git && go install && CGO_ENABLED=1 xk6 build --with GitHub - grafana/xk6-sql: k6 extension to load test RDBMSs (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL and SQLite3) --output /tmp/k6]: exit code: 1

Dockerfile is like this right now:

Hi @kkk1! We’ve had multiple reports of the issue. Please follow the topic at Unable to build custom k6 binary with extensions .

Hi @kkk1

A patch version v0.45.1 was released.

Thanks for reporting this.