Error whit google sheet

hi all! i’m very new with grafana.
I have a red error when i try to use the google-sheet like data source.
the error appear when i select the datasource google-sheet.
The error is in red tab “Expressions feature toggle is not enabled”

What im missing?

Thank you for the help.

Angelo Filippi

Which version of Grafana are you using? This sounds like a bug.

I’m using Grafana v6.7.2
Thank you

I’m not seeing this when I test on 6.7.2. Are there any other errors in your Grafana server log or in the Chrome dev console?

Here is an example on our demo site:

Hi there, i’m also having the same issue and wanted to add my information here.

I am running Grafana v6.6.1 on a RPi 3 OS: Buster

All other data sources run fine. I added the data source as instructed and created an API which was copy and pasted with no white spaces. Datasource was green when tested. My sheet is named with a .csv extension but that doesnt seem to be an issue in sheets anyway.

Here is the last error on the log file:

t=2020-07-07T21:07:11+0100 lvl=info msg=“Request Completed” logger=context userId=1 orgId=1 uname=admin method=POST path=/api/ds/query status=404 remote_addr= time_ms=5 size=55 referer=“http://homestats:3000/d/q_6YgNRRz/home-stats?panelId=17&edit&fullscreen&orgId=1&refresh=5m

I’m guessing my 404 error is the cause but even renewing my API key doesn’t bring me any joy.

Here is the console output:

Possibly unhandled rejection: {“message”:“Expressions feature toggle is not enabled”} angular.js:14800
Angular 8

Any help would be great