Error when configuring Postgres as datasource --create migration_log table

I get the below error when I switched the datasource to Postgres.
Any thoughts on how to fix this?
BTW : I dont need to migrate any dashboards.

INFO[02-02|10:23:29] Executing migration logger=migrator id="create migration_log table"
EROR[02-02|10:23:29] Executing migration failed logger=migrator id=“create migration_log table” error="pq: syntax error at or near “NOT”"
EROR[02-02|10:23:29] Exec failed logger=migrator error=“pq: syntax error at or near “NOT”” sql=“CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS “migration_log” (\n"id” SERIAL PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL\n, “migration_id” VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL\n, “sql” TEXT NOT NULL\n, “success” BOOL NOT NULL\n, “error” TEXT NOT NULL\n, “timestamp” TIMESTAMP NOT NULL\n);"
EROR[02-02|10:23:29] Fail to initialize orm engine logger=sqlstore error=“Sqlstore::Migration failed err: pq: syntax error at or near “NOT”\n”


What version of postgres are you using?