Error updating options: t[e].add is not a function

I recently update my grafana from 7.5.7 to 9.1.2
Everything seems to work fine except variables.
I keep getting “Error updating options: t[e].add is not a function” if i try to edit the variable or when the variables get updated ( on load or time range change depending on what was selected )

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Is this on a specific dashboard or whole grafana?

For all dashboard using variables from mongodb.
But i think i found a work around, if i remove all panels and add them again one by one it seem to work. Just going to take for ever if i need to do this on 40+ dashboards.
I get an “upgrade” options on the graph panels, but that does not seem to be enlugh to fix them

Could be an issue withthr plugin mongodb, uninstall that plug-in and resintall?

Removing all panels and dashboards doesn’t work form me, but I get a similar error for templating, and it is the third time of remaking a dashboard all over again:

Error updating options: cannot add property body_type.

If there is someome over at Grafana that has a solution that does not imply a workaround that’d be fantastic.

We’re also facing this issue. We’re seeing Templating Template variable service failed t[e].add is not a function error when we toggle any dropdown(including time range selector)

I am also facing this problem. Is anyone working on a solution for this?

Experiencing the same issue here. It’s quite interesting how this buggy extension can be advertised as made by Grafana, but fails for basic use cases.