Error: "Failed to fetch dashboard" on iOS Devices

Hi Community,

I am runnging grafana as a docker container.
Since the last update to 6.3.3 I am not able to use grafana on my iOS(12.4.1) devices (iphone/iPdad) anymore. After the login I am getting the error “Failed to fetch dashboard. Unauthorized” (see the screenshot).

Even when I run an plain new instance of the grafana container without any data sources or dashboards. I tried to use several browesers (chrome, safari) without success.
A downgrade to an previos version (6.1.0) or to the latest version (6.4.5) doesn’t help.

Is this a known problem. It would be great if anybody could help me.


Similar problem here. Version v6.3.2 (commit: 4832460). Works well on Mac, PC and Linux browsers. Can’t log in on Android or iOS.