Enter duration/end time manually in state timeline

Is it possible to enter a duration or end time in the state timeline. This is possible in the Gantt chart (marcusolsson-gantt-panel).

Because this plugin is not maintained any more, so I want to switch to the state timeline (or another plugin)

If I use the same kind of data, the following state timeline is shown:

The problem is that there is no end time for these intervals

I have a similar problem with duration. Have you found a solution for your task?

We have the same problem, found no solution so far

A work around would be to start a new event with a different color at the end time.

I handle it like this:

The red part would be desired thing to show. To limit the event, you have to make a new one begin on the end time. Set it to a different color (here green) and also put it before the desired event and you have this view. Green means the event is not happening, red means its happening