How can I display the schedule period in the time series graph?

I am using grafana v10.3.1.
I have some records to keep the job information including startTime, endTime, the job name and the job completed result(it is a enumeration).
I hope to display the real period of the job (similar Gantt chart) with the time series graph.
It is fine that the x axis is time, but I hope to display different job as the horizontal period bar from startTime and end Time. Probably the color will be different according to the status of the job. Each job can put in different Y axis.
I have tried it but I can’t find the way to custom what I want.
I am not sure if I choose the wrong graph type. Please help me for that.
Thank you very much.

I am trying to answer myself.
After I took my effort and tried many ways, I installed the plugin Gantt and it almost fits what I need.

In the beginning, I used the state timeline figure as the suggestion of the author of the plugin Gantt because the author didn’t maintain it since 2022.
I tried it and find many ways to figure out the answer. Finally, I gave up to use state timeline because I have found the fact that the input of this figure only need one time column. The figure connects the start time of the next record and that is why you didn’t see the gap in the sample graph.
According to my requirement, I need to input start time and end time.
In the end, I still installed the gantt plugin and luckily it is still working in the version 10 of grafana.