Enforce password complexity on grafana local admin account

Hi Team,

Is it possible to set any password complexity for local grafana users. In my production environment i uses LDAP (which complies to all password policies), fro the local grafana admin user i am not able to enforce any password complexity policies. Some of the password policies needed to be enforced on the local grafana user is

Enforce password change once every 12 months.
Minimum password length of 12 characters.
Password must contain characters from at least two of the following four categories:
i. Upper case (A through Z);
ii. Lower case (a through z);
iii. Digits (0-9);
iv. Special Characters (!, $, #, %, etc.).
Passwords shall not be stored in plaintext. Only password hashes and salts shall be stored.
Increase the number of consecutive failed attempts allowed from 6 to 10 times.

This is not possible today.