Define password policy in grafana 7.3.7

Hello Support,

Is it possible to define a password policy for users who use grafana whatever their role?

It is possible to invite any user, but it does not seem possible to define a suitable password policy for that invitation to ensure proper use of your credentials.

A guest user for example can set password 1234 with current grafana settings. I’ve looked through the various configuration files but haven’t seen anything about it.

Could you help me? Where could I change the password policy users?


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Hello @developerrrrrrsssend, it is not possible to define a password policy for users. In our current roadmap we have no plans of doing something for this (but contributions are always welcome :heart:). Our current recommendation is to use OAuth, LDAP or Auth proxy to enforce password policies/blacklist common passwords.

You can check/follow this issue for updates on this:

Thanks for your reply.
Perfect, I have sent you a private message with several solutions that you will implement in future versions.

Hi Support,

I would like to help you with the password policy issue trouble. Should be implemented a function in the html or via javascript that will validate the characteristics of the field or at least report the robustness of that password.

For validating the input I must be recommend to do it with regex. Here you have several examples:regEx para contraseñas

Take the regex expression and implement it in the password html input . For example, we request password between 8 and 16 characters and the password must contain at least one digit, at least one lowercase, at least one uppercase, and at least one non-alphanumeric character:


I don’t know the source code but it should also be validated the input on the server.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.