Enabling anonymous login in Hosted Grafana

Hi, i am testing the free Hosted Grafana Instance and i would like active the “Enabling anonymous login”, i found that i should edit “grafana.ini”, but it is not enabled in Hosted Instance.

Is there a option to enable “anonymous login” or it is only available for Grafana Cloud subscriptors.

Thanks in Advance!

Why not creating a guest account?

User: guest
Pass: guest

it works without problems in localhost and that would be good option, but i am not sure if it’s possible to do it using the free Hosted Grafana.

In this case, could you help me, how could i create a guest account in “free Hosted Grafana”?

What is “free Hosted Grafana” a demo in the official server?

Or you have your own instace in your server?
If true:

Configuration → Users → Invite (green button)

Username: guess
Name: nothing
Role: Viewer (that is important)

You create an guess user, with the name you want, and then use it invitation link to log in and set the password.

Hi @castillo92:
Thank you for your reply.

I mean to a instance. I have created my own Instance on Grafana server, that is what i mean with “free Hosted Grafana”. This options is available when you are hosting self Grafana (e.g. community.grafana.com). In the case of “hosted Grafana”, there is no option “Invite (green button)”. Instead of these says:

Users are managed via grafana.com. The table below shows users who have logged in at least once. To remove a user you also need to remove them from your grafana.com org.

I can not find an option into grafana in order to create new user, at least “no” using free version.

I would like know it is only available using “Grafana Cloud”. If you know, please let me know.


I did not know Grafana allow this option, I signed in to see the conditions and… As you can see in the screenshot, only one user, sorry

I host my own instance in my server and here I can assure you that you can create all the users that you want. Even create an anonymous user without password, but I do not tried yet.

The way to do that is: (but, as you can see, you have to access file system)

sudo nano /etc/grafana/grafana.ini

  disable_login_form = true
# enable anonymous access 
  enabled = true
# specify role for unauthenticated users
  org_role = VIEWER
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It was as i thought, i need to host it or use Grafana Cloud.

Thank you so much!

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