Empty variables when using databricks datsource

I am on grafana cloud, which at the moment is at v9.0.3

I am testing out the new databricks datasource (good work btw), and I want to use a query to populate a dashboard variable. I am adding the variable with “Databricks” as the datasource, and the query is

SELECT DISTINCT variable FROM hive_metastore.mydb.mytable

Unfortunately, the only thing under “Preview of values” is “None”. Also, when I go to query history in databricks I see that no query has been sendt to it.

But if I execute the exact same query in “explore” for the datasource I get back a table with a single column “variable” containing 10 rows.

There are no errors reported anywhere, I just dont see any sign of the query ever beeing executed.

so the table mytable contains a column named variable?

yes, thats correct. It is on “long” format with timestamp, variable and value, and I want to extract out the variable’s so they can be used in the filteres.

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please show us the query that use this variable?

So, here is how it looks like when I try to add the variable. Notice how “Preview of values” contains None

Here is how it looks like in the “explore”, showing that the query is correct and that the data-source is configured properly (its the same datasource).