Empty dashboard_uid and panel_id when creating an alert via Provisioning API

Hi All, :wave:

I’m trying to create an alert with Alerting Provisioning API, but the dashboard_uid and panel_id in the alert_rule table in the grafana database are empty after creation.

Is adding the annotations in the request JSON in the following format enough that these fields update to the correct value?

"annotations": {
    "__alertId__": "116"
    "__dashboardUid__": "z5FfB3e7k",
    "__panelId__": "5"

Is it necessary to add extra fields in the request JSON for setting these fields?

Any documentation or hint is welcomed.

Thanks for your time.

Opened issue: Support setting `dashboard_uid` and `panel_id` through the alerting provisioning API · Issue #53199 · grafana/grafana · GitHub