Embed Grafana documentation on private instance

My team runs a standalone, Dockerized instance of Grafana; i.e., it is not connected to the internet. We’d like to include the Grafana documentation locally. I see that github.com/grafana/grafana has a docs directory that appears to be mostly for testing changes to the documentation.

Any help would be appreciated.

welcome @umka

is this a live production instance of grafana?

Yes, it is.

It is industry standard/best practice not to make changes to a live system, any reason why would you need documentation on production system?

Oh, no, that’s not what I really meant. we have have development, integration, and production environments. We are air gapped from the Internet and we want to be able to point the Graf documentation to a local server.

From what I can see is that Graf on GitHub only offers the ability to edit test and serve a local development instance of their documentation instance (e.g., via localhost:3002).

I want to build and deploy the Graf documentation alongside our standalone instance

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