Elasticsearch logs ship to the Grafana and make alarm from that

Hi everyone,
I am a new in Grafana, that’s why sorry if some mistake.
I have Elasticsearch which collect logs used logstash, and filebeat to send logs. Is it possible to send logs from Elasticsearch or maybe the best to send logs directly from Logstash and beats to Grafana with use Loki or Prometheus? I don’t know, just think.
I build Grafana self manager, not cloud.
Thanks for advanced.

Additionally: Is it possible to use Promtil to collect logs end send to Loki, after that Loki send collection logs to Grafana.
Why I ask that. Because my logs stay in machines, some doesn’t have access directly to Grafana server. They access via jumphost.

So nobody knows about that? It’s a pity (((. I will found it for myself.