Elasticsearch Bar Chart Multi Group By Coloring


I am looking for assistance with utilizing the Bar Chart Panel for non date based charting using elasticsearch datasource.

I am looking to display the total count of returned fields by two group by fields, but when doing so, the second group by will not allow me to color by returned string.

Example data:
Metric: Count
Group By TERMS (1): Result (Values are either Passed or Failed)
Then By TERMS (2): Test_Case_Name (Value example: TC1, TC2, TC3, etc)

The behavior seen is when I either use overrides or directly click on “Passed” or “Failed” to do a color override, it colors the entire bar chart (applying to the entire field Result vs just the value)

This does not happen when using a date histogram instead of two string field group bys.

Any help would be appreciated.

Grafana Version: 10.4

I think the problem is that when using a histogram panel with two groups of row fields, you can’t color the rows correctly based on the value of the second group. This occurs because the color override applies to the entire Result field and only to one value. However, when using a date histogram, this problem does not arise. There may be a way to get around this limitation by using alternative coloring methods or changing the data structure in Elasticsearch.

I’m trying to do the exact same thing it seems. Did you ever figure out a solution @clocke?