Stacked Column Chart - X Axis Title issue

Grafana - 7.5.4
ElasticSearch - Master pulled last week
Grouped Bar Chart - 1.0.3
client- Windows 10

I am trying to chart a set of exceptions we get every day so we can see trends. I have written an automated java uploader to push the data into elastic search and have 20K records covering some months.

The sensible visualization for this data is a stacked bar chart so -

  • we can see number of exceptions a day
  • the number of each type within a day
  • and do side by side comparison of how we are tracking between days all at the same time

The remaining issue currently is getting the X Axis title for the day to be interpreted as a date not a number. Ideally formatted as say 18Mar21 for example

Any ideas how I might fix the image below?

I am new to Grafana and finding the elastic search query interface in Grafana less than intuitive…

Read the comments posted around Sept. 2020 in this Github issue. I think you might be able to solve it using the Overrides section of the panel editor.


I am using the Grouped Bar chart and when you select this visualization the “Fields” and “Overrides” tabs disappear from next to the “Panel” tab. I can only assume that this third party plugin is not implementing some plugin extension point that allows for field overrides.

The chart is next to useless without sensible labels

You may be right that this plugin extension is not supported. However, I think Grafana 8.0 (with the bar chart visualization) may fix your issue. You should know more in a week or so.

problem solved. The built in bar chart does have a stacked option. Does the job