Edit color colour range on heatmap

Can the colour (color) range be edited for heatmap.

I monitor light levels and the colour temperature of light every 10 minutes.
I am using ‘heatmap’ to display a table of the colour temperature. The maximum range is approximatly 2,000 to 10,000 Kelvin but more interested in the 5,000 to 7,000 range.
Getting the chart/bucket is no problem at all but what I want to do is match the colour displayed with the actual colour temperature.
Within the options, colors/scheme there are pre-sets but is it possible to create my own colour scheme which I could match to real colour temperature.
I can change the range but that only works when using, say all blues.
I have searched through quite a lot of questions and answers on here but cannot find anything to do with changing the colour scheme (not that I can understand anyway).
So, that is my question.

This is what I am trying to achieve

This is what I have so far which is not too bad providing the colour is always in the blue spectrum. However if the colour changes into the yellow or red then I will only get white, also at night when there is effectively no colour, I need it to show black where as here it shows white.

Using blues and limiting range to 7100(minimum) to 5300(maximum), yes the min is higher than max to reverse the colours.

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I asked this almost a year ago and got no response at all :frowning:

Maybe the link to the source code which I gave in that thread might point you
in a helpful direction, however I never managed to work out how to do what I



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Hi Antony,

Yes I saw your post already.
I take it you got no further!

I got as far as this when inspecting the code, the ‘cardColor’ being the colour scale but like you said, there is nothing really to show what colour is what and where.
Are these standard colour schemes maybe and if so, there could be more available but not listed in the pulldowns.
It looks as though you were trying to do a similar thing to me. I now have the 0 areas showing as black, but that is by selecting not to show 0 values but it leaves a huge amount missing as the cut off is 5000. So anything between 5000 and zero is shown as zero. Leaves me with shades of blue or nothing.

“In a RGB color space, hex #5794f2 is composed of 34.1% red, 58% green and 94.9% blue.”

“color”: {
“cardColor”: “#5794F2”,
“colorScale”: “linear”,
“colorScheme”: “interpolateBlues”,
“exponent”: 0.5,
“max”: 5370,
“min”: 7106,
“mode”: “spectrum”

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