Create new Schema for Heatmap Spectrum?


I’ve just started using Heatmap panels in Grafana, and I’m wondering how I would go about defining my own Spectrum Schema.

Selecting Mode = Spectrum offers me about 30 different Schemes to choose from, but I’d like to use something that’s not there.

Two examples which come to mind are the opposite of “RdYlGn” so that I get Red for the lowest values and Green for the highest, and a Greyscale, so that I get black for nothing, through various shades of grey, ending at white for the most frequent values.

Once simple feature which I think would be useful is a “reverse order” selection box, so that you can select a Scheme that’s already defined, but have it go in the opposite direction (such as my “reverse RdYlGn” wish above).

But, for complete flexibility, I’d like to be able to create my own - where would I start to do this?




I downloaded the Grafana source code from and searched for the
names of some of the Spectrum Schemas, to see how they were defined.

I found grafana-master/public/app/plugins/panel/heatmap/heatmap_ctrl.ts and,
frankly, I’m none the wiser.

I can see items with the names of the Schemas which are available, but I still
don’t see how they are actually defined - where does it say what colour/s they

Any pointers gratefully received :slight_smile:



Has nobody any ideas / information about this?