ECharts - "Execution Error: data is not defined"

Hello, I´m having this error: “ECharts Execution Error: data is not defined” when using “ECharts Basic Radar Chart” panel with grafana echarts plugin.

It seems that the data object is not being found.

let my_map = => {
gender_concept_id = s.fields.find((f) => === ‘gender_concept_id’).values;
year_of_birth = s.fields.find((f) => === ‘year_of_birth’).values;
month_of_birth = s.fields.find((f) => === ‘month_of_birth’).values;
day_of_birth = s.fields.find((f) => === ‘day_of_birth’).values;
race_concept_id = s.fields.find((f) => === ‘race_concept_id’).values;

Query inspector:

Table view:

Thank´s. I look forward to your reply.


@amconde In the latest version of ECharts panel we introduced Visual editor, which provides access to the parameters using context object.

It also allows automatically parse the data source and create series in a data set format. We will explain it in the upcoming video and release blog post. You can see examples how to use it on Volkov Labs

Alternatively, you can switch to the native Code mode and it will work as expected.

Working now :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

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