Dynamic Network / Topology / Graph

Hello, I have the following table returned from my datasource:
userId, bossId, userName, userLevel, userMetric
1, null, “John”, 0, 500
2, 1, “Jack”, 1, 200
3, 1, “Michael”, 1, 100
4, 2, “Bill”, 2, 200
5, 3, “Jane”, 2, 150
6, 5, “Mary” , 3, 250

I would like to display them as a tree/graph/network wherein each rectangle I can select the columns (metrics) to be displayed. The network is dynamic, the metrics too.
I’ve checked grafana-diagram plugin, but it is driven by static tree definition, which I can not provide, since it is fully dynamic.

From the data above: the root node would be John, with two children Jack and Michael …

Do you know of any plugin (panel) that can render Table data as a graph/network?