Dynamic Display Show/Hide

Hi All,

My company provide internet access(IA) during events, IT, BtoB,…
We sale many private IA with different bandwidth 1, 2, 5 10, +50Mb/s.
I wish get a dashboard which can display only IA are overload.

I use two datasources to get my data :

  • MySQL give :
    . Client Name
    . Event
    . Download & Upload configured

  • PRTG give :
    . Real-Time Consumption IA

I made a dashboard test with all thoses data, for the moment i work with the VLAN attached to client.

left to right (Name client and event hide for confidential reason)

First Row : Client Name -> Events Name as : ( Event 2018) -> PRTG Graph
Second Row : Current Consumption Download & Upload (Real-Time)

I made 3 “Variables” which :

  • All VLANs avaialbe for event (editable on the top of the page)
  • And the 2 other get upload & download configured thanks to VLAN selected

The second Row is configured on threshold with variable which get download or upload values configured.


On graph it’s not possible to type a characters chains only numeric.

My question, is how i can hide or display Client when his IA is overload with all this informations.

Thanks in advance.
i hope it’s clear :slight_smile: