Hide the panel if there is no data

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is it possible to hide the panel / don’t shown it when there is no data ?

I have a dashboard where the panels are repeated for the list of servers in the variable filter on the dashboard.

There are general metrics like CPU and RAM which exists for each server, so they are getting repeated for each server which is normal.

some servers are DB servers where there are SQL metrics. what’s happening is as the panels gets repeated, non DB servers the panels are blank.

What I wanted is to hide them if there is no data or the metric is not relevant to that server.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


don’t load those servers that have no metrics in the first place. then they wont be added in the repeat. meaning imagine this sample data

server_1	2024-07-07 16:32:09.563	1trop
server_1	2024-07-07 17:32:09.563	1porpynit
server_2	2024-07-07 16:32:09.563	2trop
server_2	2024-07-07 17:32:09.563	2porpynit
server_2	2024-07-08 14:32:09.563	2sutats
server_2	2024-07-08 20:32:09.563	2sutats
server_3	2024-07-07 17:32:09.563	3porpynit
server_4	2024-07-07 17:32:09.563	4porpynit
server_a	2024-07-05 22:32:09.563	amehcspedni
server_a	2024-07-07 10:32:09.563	atad_peed_nim

notice server_zoro has no metrics. when creating your variable you will loop on, exclude server_zoro. Apply the same logic to your datasource

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Thanks @yosiasz for your response.

The challenge is my input filter variables are static JSON data as below.

“applications”: [
“name”: “APP-1”,
“servers”: [“appserver1”, “dbserver1”,“webserver1”]
“name”: “APP-2”,
“servers”: [“appserver2”, “dbserver2”,“webserveer2”]

I used Infinity plugin with JSON and JQL to populate APP and Servers. The user will choose APP from the APP_NAME on dashboard UI to see the metrics for all the servers. The panels that are being built for RAM , CPU which is common for APP,DB,WEB servers … but DB server have only SQL metrics.

As I set the panel to repeat for the servers, the dashboard is trying to pull all the metrics for APP,WEB servers. As there will be NO DB metrics for the servers, they end-up as blank panels.

Please see the below screen print on how CPU, RAM are displayed APP, DB, WEB servers. But the DB metrics are blank for APP , WEB servers

so the short answer is you cannot hide panel if there is no data unless maybe you use business chart plugin.