Dynamic dashboard

Hello :slight_smile:,
I would like to suggest a feature for dahsboards that would make comparing differents metrics at the same time simpler.
I want that panels of a dashboards are displayed only when certains conditions are fulfilled such as testing if the server have an exporter and displaying the corresponding panels.
This allows to have a single dashboard for all the servers, to compare the information of different exporters at the same time without switching dashboard for each servers and exporters to establish correlations more easily.

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Seconded! This is my singlest biggest reason for considering a home-grown dashboard solution.

Are you saying you would build a single dashboard and then if server A had the metric for CPU then it’d show the graph/panel, if it didn’t have that metric, then it wouldn’t show? If so, I believe you used to be able to do this with the scripted dashboards. I’m not aware of a way to do it now. It would be able to basically add conditionals to panels (if something, else something).

I was not aware of scripted dashboard, it seem not well documented.
It would be well if the conditional option be integrated in the dashboard ui because do JS for a dashboard is not that simple.