Dynamic Assets for Panels

I want users to be able to add custom icons to a panel plugin. Doing this with the dist-folder of the panel and using the plugin directory endpoint of grafana (/public/plugins/:pluginId/*) would mean that the user would have to alter the dist-folder which eventually leads to the signature of the plugin to be invalid.

Therefore my question: Is there a way to either exclude specific folders (i.e. an “assets” folder) from the signature process or is there another way to access files in the grafana server so that users could add custom icon-sets to the panel?


Unfortunately not, they’d have to host the files themselves. Any changes to the contents of the plugin directory will result in an modified signature.

Hey Marcus,

Thanks for the reply!
Since i think such a feature could benefit other panels, i have added an issue to the grafana repo: Endpoint for user defined assets · Issue #36848 · grafana/grafana · GitHub



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