Don't know what to put as InfluxDB Details when connecting to InfluxDB Datasource

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I’m new to Grafana and InfluxDB so maybe this is a silly question but I can’t get to figure it out.
I want to query some data from an InfluxDB (v2.3.0+SNAPSHOT.090f681737) database with Grafana ( Grafana Enterprise 9.0.1 ). In order to do so, I’m trying to:
GrafanaWebPage - Configuration - Data sources - Add data source - Choose InfluxDB
Here I manage to get a connection ( below are my connection details )

Name: InfluxDb

QueryLanguage: InfluxQL

– HTTP Section –
URL: http://localhost:8086
Access: Server (default)
Allowed Cockies: Empty
Timeout: Empty

– AUTH Section –
Basic auth: False
TLS Client Auth: False
Skip TLS Verify: False
Forward OAuth Identity: False
With Credentials: False
With CA Cer: False

–Custom HTTP Headers Section –
Header Authorization Value Token <Token from InfluxDB load-data/tokens>

–InfluxDB Details Section –
Here is where I have issues!
Database: should be the database name [mapped to your InfluxDB 2.3 bucket]
User: should be the username associated with your [InfluxDB 1.x compatibility authorization
Password: should be the password associated with your [InfluxDB 1.x compatibility authorization]
HTTP Method: GET

But the only method I found to map the database and get user and password are to use InfluxDB CLI, which is gone and not implemented as it used to be. Is this the only way I have to connect to InfluxDB?

PS: If I leave the InfluxDB Details Section empty and click on Save & Test it says “Data source is working” but can’t find any bucket or any data.

I’ve followed this manual Use Grafana with InfluxDB OSS | InfluxDB OSS 2.3 Documentation

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welcome to the :grafana: forum, @shadowki

where is your influxdb running, and are you sure you are running influxQL on InfluxDB version 2.3? Thought most had migrated to flux by that point but I’m not a serious influx user…

Hi @mattabrams, thanks for your reply!
I switched to Flux and I was able to connect and see the buckets. I’ll stay with Flux instead of InfluxQL though I’ll have to learn Flux syntax :sweat_smile:.


influxdb is slowly moving away from influxql and toward flux, so probably worthwhile. I personally think flux is super cool :smile:

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