Displaying the difference in a value over time period (total bytes incoming eth0)

Ok so my end goal is to calculate total incoming traffic to specific hosts over a time period (1hr, 1day, 1 week, 1 month)
Have tried using sums, counts, etc on the incoming eth traffic stats but can’t figure out the formula, and the readings are only of speed in bps per minute so to get accurate readings won’t work.

Now been testing on total incoming eth stats which basically display the total incoming value on the ethernet port since last reset. e.g current value on a host is 177TB incoming traffic.

Zabbix is collecting the value each minute, and my end goal is to take the current value and deduct the value from 1hr ago, or one day ago and get the difference in the number over the time period specified.

Anyone know how to go this in a Grafana function?