Displaying aggregated / calculated metrics with Boom Table


I’m having troubles displaying calculated values from Graphite using Boom Table.

A “simple” host metric like “metrics.$host.CPU.used” renders properly displaying every hosts.

Then I want to display “used memory %” from CPU.used and CPU.total metrics.
Using “asPercent(sumSeries(metrics.$host.RAM.USED),sumSeries(metrics.$host.RAM.TOTAL))”, I only get a single entry, displayed “{host1,host2}”. Using debug, the “Metric” appears as “asPercent(sumSeries(metrics.{host1,host2}.RAM.USED), sumSeries(metrics.{host1,host2}.RAM.TOTAL))”.

I’ve tried using alias functions (aliasByNodes, aliasSub) but I couldn’t end with two lines displaying each host calculation.

Is there a way to achieve this ?

Thanks for help.