Boom Table - Subgroups in cell

I am using the latest versions of Grafana and Boom Plugin, together with InfluxDB. I already accomplished setting up Boom Table to display a list of rows, each row is a host machine, and several columns, like CPU Usage, RAM Usage etc. I now want to add another single column, but inside that column I want to display all the disk volumes’ usage for the device. It is essentially a subgroup of the group by hosts, just by device instance. So on one row, I want:

Host   CPU RAM  Disk
HostA  30% 60%  /            50%
                /boot        75% 
                /mnt/backup  80%
HostB  4%  20%  /            8%

Is this possible?

Also, is it possible to sort by the first column - i.e. the Metric? I cannot click the header like I can on the value columns. It is sorted by default, but case sensitive. I need it sorted case insensitive. I also do not know how to transform a tag(host) value to lowercase in an InfluxDB query.

No. Sub rows are not possible. If any metric require subrow I would keep the metric in new panel/table.

I can’t remember sorting support for first column. But if your query returns by first column sorted it will be taken care.