Boom Table "Heat Map" with influxdb for Server Up?

I’m trying to create a “Heat Map” similar to the “Server Health HeatMap” described in the Boom Table plugin description, and i can’t seem to get the cells to repeat horizontally.

My query pulls an uptime metric from influxdb and then groups by host (which could be 10-50 hosts).

SELECT last(“uptime”) FROM “system” WHERE (“portfolio” = ‘a_portfolio’) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval), “host” fill(0)

I’m only able to get the visualization to show one value (cell) per row.

Any thoughts on how to achieve this?

Hello @bhymans,
I am also stucked here. Were you able to create the Heat Map as described in Boom Table Description?

I’m afraid not, I was not able to get that working. I ended up going in a different direction.