Show Metric Even Though No Data

In the category of this has probably been asked before but I don’t quit see my issue in the forum.

For Graphite and Grafana 6.x.

When creating a template variable, I see the $variable found ALL the “Preview of values”, but using the variable in a Table panel, or Graph (Update: IT works in a a SingleStat panel) I’d like all of the same to display, where I’ve set null transform to 0 in the Graphite query. The table panel only displays a metric for a variable value if there is a non null for that variable.

How can I display all variables in a table or graph, even null (where the remote host did NOT post into Graphite), but there IS a metric path in Graphite? In the screen shots below I set the time picker out to 1 year to capture all, and set the Table aggregation to Current.

Template Variables finds all possible: (as expected)


Timepicker to 1 year, and Table - aggregation - CURRENT ---- Forces to show NULL. Purple lines (row 22, 28) are null.

Timepicker to 1hr, and Table - aggregation - CURRENT - Does not show NULL (Metric paths in Graphite that haven’t been updated in last hour)