Display table with values at 9 am each day for the last week


I’m using Grafana v 2.2.0 with Prometheus as data source

We have a reporting tool that generates statistics at 9am every day (once per day). I’m trying to display those values in a table, but the issue is that if I select last week as a time range with 24 hour step, it only shows values at 00:00 each day which means that the value from 9am current day is not displayed at all until the day is over.
If I display with lower time interval i.e. 12 h, it will display the value at 00:00 and 12:00 each day, but then I end up with duplicates for each day (as value at 12:00 on day X will be the same as value at 00:00 on day X + 1).
I also tried grouping by value (time formatted as day only) but it didnt do anything.

Is there a way to display a single value for each day at a different hour than midnight?
Alternatively, is it possible to display a single last value for each day of the last week?

This is what I have at the moment:
12 hour interval:

24 hour interval

Any help will be much appreciated!

hi, I have exactly same requirement, need to present only 9pm data over last 2 weeks; running into same issues that you mentioned above. Were you able to resolve this? Please provide any pointers if you have.