Display multiples panels in 1 single panel

Hi, I am working with the plugin time series in grafana v8+ and flux
I have a template/global variable to select the information I want to display BUT when I activated the multi-value in the variable + repeat option by variable in the plugin if I select 2 or more values grafana creates 2 or more panels, and that is how grafana works. I want to combine those panels into 1.

Example: Grafana

In this grafana demo, there are 2 panels: Interpolation mode Step Before and Interpolation mode Step After

In my variable I have “Step Before” and “Step After”, so If I select one of the values only display that value, all good with the variable, but If I select both values it will display 2 panels because of the repeat option. I want them to display in 1 panel, considering that the X value and Y value are the same. Similar to the stacking panel but using variables.

Is this possible? How?