Display multiples panels in 1 single panel

Hi, I am working with the plugin time series in grafana v8+ and flux
I have a template/global variable to select the information I want to display BUT when I activated the multi-value in the variable + repeat option by variable in the plugin if I select 2 or more values grafana creates 2 or more panels, and that is how grafana works. I want to combine those panels into 1.

Example: Grafana

In this grafana demo, there are 2 panels: Interpolation mode Step Before and Interpolation mode Step After

In my variable I have “Step Before” and “Step After”, so If I select one of the values only display that value, all good with the variable, but If I select both values it will display 2 panels because of the repeat option. I want them to display in 1 panel, considering that the X value and Y value are the same. Similar to the stacking panel but using variables.

Is this possible? How?

It sounds like you want to use chained variables. Here are some useful starting points and example dashboards in our public sandbox :+1: